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Textile Design 


The technologies currently used in our creations are: electroluminescence, the thermochromism, sms LEDs, luminescence on textiles or flexible materials.

These projects are realised using hybridization techniques such as silk-screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, microelectronics, connectics, thermofusing, sewing, crimping ...

You will find to the right five categories of sensorial impact we are exploring.



Trompe l’oeil effect : Luminescence
Fabrics absorb light and release it in the dark

Process : Silk-screen printing / high afterglow luminescent ink.

Dynamic effect : The active light
Fabrics vibrate with light rhythms

Process : incorporation of LEDs / electronic circuits management / multi-layer or tubular weaving, appliqué, embroidery.

Communicating effect : The sound movement
Fabrics start talking

Process : miniaturized electronic circuits / button speaker / Delayed programmable trigger / Login with radio, laptop, MP3 player ...

Optical effect : Transparency
Fabrics are embossed with the holographic sensations

Process : Digital printing / incorporation of light-emitting diodes.

Using optical textures effects / miniaturization of electronics.

Reversible effect : Thermochromism
Fabrics changing patterns depending on ambient temperature.

Process : Silk-screen printing / microencapsulated thermochromic inks.